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Honoring Hispanic Heritage at Container Yard

At Container Yard, we've always believed that the strength of our co-working community lies in its diversity. As we mark the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, it's our privilege to introduce you to some of the remarkable Hispanic members who call Container Yard their professional home. These individuals bring not only their unique talents and expertise but also the warmth of their heritage to our shared spaces. Join us as we honor their contributions, share their stories, and celebrate the essence of collaboration that defines Container Yard—where work feels more like a conversation among friends.

Marlen Romero: "I have been married for 29 years and am fortunate to share the adventure of relocating 18 times to different cities and countries in North America. I was able to learn and share our cultures in all these fabulous places. Finally, my husband and I were presented with a new opportunity to settle in this fabulous land of Alabama where we have lived for the last five years.

During the 15 years that we lived in Atlanta, I was invited to be part of the excellent team of professionals from Primerica Financial Services with whom I have grown professionally and learned about the amazing tools and products that the company has. With these tools, I have been able to help families organize their finances and teach them the most important strategies of the family economy, thus guaranteeing a better future for all its members.

I am licensed in Insurance, Investments, and Mortgages and have become a

financial analyst focused on the family economy. This allows me to reach more

families every day, help them establish a new direction, and enable them

to achieve their financial goals and family dreams.

I firmly believe in economic independence. Because of this, I teach people to create their

own companies, where they can progress economically, train, and have time to care for their families. Although it seems like a dream, it is possible and only requires discipline and commitment; the rest I can teach.

I am so happy to live in this city and I love having my own space here at Container

Yard. The Yard is the best place to work; they always help make our work time the


“Hi there!

I am Liliana Perelman, and I am very happy to be part of this wonderful community.

I am originally from Argentina, and I moved to the United States six years ago. I am a licensed lawyer in Argentina and still work online with my clients there. I am studying here to practice law in the U.S. as well. Meanwhile, I am helping immigrants with all their needs: translations, notarizations, filing documents, interpretation, and providing them information about their rights.

This community is the perfect place to work. Container Yard is beautiful and cozy, and all the people here are very nice. I can access my space whenever I need to, which allows me to work professionally and study on my own time.

You have anything you need. Not only myself, but my clients love this place. Glad to be part of it”


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