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Women's History Month: Meet a Few of the Women of Container Yard!

We are proud to be an environment that supports female entrepreneurs! Whether you are just starting out your business venture or you are well versed in the ways of your business, we are an environment you can thrive in. Meet a few of the hardworking, creative women who are proud to be Yardies.

Stacy Wellborn, Wellborn Strategies & Container Yard

Stacy is our beloved co-owner/Yard Boss of Container Yard! She wears many hats as she founded and currently runs Wellborn Strategies, a marketing & public relations agency, and is also an instructor at Spring Hill College where she teaches her students with a focus on entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

Abby Scioneaux, Make-A-Wish Alabama

She is the South Alabama Regional Manager for the Make-a-Wish Foundation (and a seasoned Yardie). To learn about or donate to Make-a-Wish Alabama visit

KL Moore, KL Image Group

KL Moore, MBA helps women, diverse talent and emerging leaders transition to the next level. She is a professional development coach and speaker who is passionate about feeding the C-Suite pipeline with women and diverse leaders who are equipped for success. Learn more at

Michelle Healy, Inspire Counseling

Michelle is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in emotional regulation disorders and a type of therapy called DBT. She provides ongoing therapy and life coaching and has been in private practice since 2016. for more information about Michelle and the services she provides, please visit

Julie Watson, Medicare & Medicaid Agent

Julie is a skilled insurance agent (and loyal Yardie) that specializes in medicare and medicaid plans! Learn more or get in touch at

Koko Foster, Green Balance Accounting

Koko is a numbers enthusiast who brings over 16 years of experience as a corporate accountant. She has created a one-stop shop that focuses on helping female entrepreneurs gain financial clarity and confidence. Learn more at


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