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Getting Crafty at Container Yard!

Ever wondered what to do with all those Mardi Gras throws? Well, your friends at the Container Yard have the perfect solution.

This Mardi Gras season, Container Yard, in partnership with Office Environments, is giving you the platform to create your very own Mardi Gras royal throne.

Rules of the contest include:

- Throne must not be more than 8” x 8”x 8” (to fit within an 8” cube)

-Items used to build the throne may include beads, doubloons (wood or metal), plastic cups, stuffed toys and a mystery item (of the designer’s choosing).

-Materials may be purchased but must be something traditionally thrown from a float and may not be perishable.

-Each entry must be accompanied by a maximum 100-word description outlining the inspiration and/or theme of the throne.

-Any sponsor is not eligible to win but may submit an entry for exhibition only.

-Anyone (member or friend of Container Yard) is encouraged to submit.

-Construction materials may include glue, tape, nails and string.

Get help with your throne at the Parade of Thrones Design Workshop on Feb. 16! Learn some great creative tips, get help conceptualizing and check out the competition.

At the Yard, we believe that everyone is creative! Don’t be shy, just jump in and build your masterpiece. The judging criteria for the contest are based on design, craftsmanship and inspiration.

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. With the help and sponsorship of Office Environments, the 1st place winner will receive a special chair from the OE brand. If your work doesn’t stand out to the judges you are still eligible for the “People’s Choice Award” voted on by CY Facebook friends.

Stay on track (or afloat!!) with these important dates:

Thursday, Feb 16 4:30-6pm – Design Workshop

Friday, Feb 24 10 am – Deadline to Turn in designs

Friday, Feb 24 12 pm – Designs Posted to FB Gallery for voting

Monday, Feb 23 Noon – Voting Closes

Monday, Feb 23 4:30-6:30 pm – Party to announce winner; Parade watching

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