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Bringing Vintage Aesthetics to Mobile

Jessica will be operating a new photo booth. I know what you’re thinking, “so what, they have regular old photo booths everywhere.” Actually, this photo booth will be pretty extraordinary. The photo booth is in a 1978 Volkswagen Type two Bus that Jessica has already named Maggie! Her hopes is that she will provide the service of a photo booth and additional aesthetics to an “event with the nostalgia of a vintage VW bus.”

Jessica was attracted to Container Yard because she wanted to work in a “professional and affordable environment where [she] could meet clients.” For her, the hassle of working at home meant that there was always something to do. “At home there is always laundry to be done and floors to be vacuumed” said Jessica.

Working at the Container Yard gives Jessica the opportunity to meet new people. She misses her co-workers from her previous day job, but now she likes that she still has co-workers, just in a slightly different way.

Jessica recommends the Container Yard because it is welcoming and “provides the tools you need to be productive.”

Click here to learn more about Jessica's new business, Everything Delightful Traveling Photo Booth.

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