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Meet Larissa Graham! How she went from working at home to working at the Yard.

Larissa Graham is a long time Yardie and currently works as the State Director for Mississippi and Alabama with the Student Conservation Association.

Flashback to fall 2018, when Larissa first started working remote for the Student Conservation Association. She quickly realized that she needed to get out of her house. She explained, "SCA is a national organization that does not have an office in Mobile so I was working from home, which I don't really enjoy." She missed the social aspect of going to work and was having a hard time separating work from her personal life, "I was working more than I probably should have. I felt like I had to work all the time because it was right there."

She was familiar with Stacy Wellborn, our YardBoss, and had heard about Container Yard from her. Larissa decided to tour the space, "I had never worked in a coworking space so I didn't know what to expect. It seemed like everyone was friends." After the tour it was decided, "okay, I'm doing it." The rest, you can say, is history.

One of her first memories of Container Yard was staying for one of the Member Happy Hours,

"I remember seeing that everybody knew each other and was joking around with each other."

Container Yard has enabled and given her space to be focused and be productive. One thing that she tells people who think about coming to Container Yard is that she didn't really think about who worked there, all she knew was that she needed space and to get out of her house. When she started coming to the Yard she realized that, "working here is really nice because you meet a lot of people that you probably would not have met otherwise. Being able to bounce ideas off of people and have a network of people is always super helpful."

We're so glad that Larissa decided to be a Yardie!


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