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Why Co Work?

Since its founding, shared workspace has grown to become not only a widely-accepted form of work space, but also highly desired by many entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate nomads. Four years after our establishment in the Mobile community, Container Yard continues to grow in membership and support from the local community. As we analyze our growth, we want to share a few of our findings on why people are choosing to co work.

1. Shared workspace provides a professional workspace at an affordable price. Many members of shared workspaces are entrepreneurs and small business owners in search of a space to hold professional meetings and professional mailing addresses. Shared workspaces are able to fulfill these needs without requiring the prices of a traditional office park.

2. Shared workspace is flexible. Again, considering entrepreneurs and small business owners as the target market for shared workspaces, it is often that the needs of these individuals change swiftly. In order to allow these individuals to fit the space to their needs, Container Yard, like many co work spaces, offers all of our memberships on a month-to-month basis with no extraneous contracts.

3. Shared workspace offers a network. It is crucial for businesses to expand their market through networking efforts in the community. Container Yard's memberships consist of all kinds of kinds, realtors, marketing consultants, insurance agents and non-profits to name a few. Not only that, but we also host weekly programs at the Yard to encourage collaboration amongst members.

4. Our shared workspace builds community. The main benefit Container Yard offers to members is that we continue to build a unique, diverse and hardworking network of professionals who not only work together but play together. With a full time staff member dedicated to building relationships among members and in the community, Container Yard prides itself in offering more than a workspace, but a family within a workspace.

As the traditional workspace continues to evolve, and the marvel behind co work spaces continue to grow, more professionals will find themselves in search of shared workspace. Come check out our community and the creative space in which it has developed at Container Yard! Click here to schedule a tour, or give us a call with any questions you may have, 251.385.9273.

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