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Meet KL Moore! From Mobile to Southern California, she can help you level-up in business.

Meet one of our Yardies - KL Moore! She is the owner of KL Image Group and the Founder of She spends her time split between Mobile and Southern California, juggling speaking engagements, being a caregiver for her mom and trying to, as she says, "level up my roller skating game with some pretty basic skating lessons!"

She recently sat down with us and answered a few questions about herself and her time at her Container Yard.

Tell me a little about your business!

As a personal development coach and trainer, I help women, people of color, and new to mid-level managers transition to the next level. My mission is to ensure that the C-Suite pipeline reflects the diversity of the world in which we live.

Because of my engineering and manufacturing background, many of my clients are in STEM or other male-dominated environments; some of the companies I work with include utilities, pharmaceutical sales, and technology. Most come to me for next level leadership coaching. They’re looking for answers to what I call elephant-in-the-room topics that are typically not taught in a classroom or found in a textbook. My clients need to navigate the unwritten rules of the workplace and they’re tired of trying to figure it out on their own. Anything from managing perceptions, building a personal brand, speaking up with confidence, conveying executive presence, managing corporate politics, getting the promotion you deserve, etc.These are all fair game areas in which I coach and train. You can check out my services HERE.

I also offer a Leadership Development Academy at the collegiate level.

How did you hear about Container Yard?

I believe I Googled co-working spaces in Mobile. It’s been a while (lol), so I don’t remember the specifics. I do remember visiting all the co-working spaces that were available back then and the CY was my 1st choice. I initially started my membership with the CY when they were located on Government Street.

What was your first impression of Container Yard?

I’ve always been drawn in by the decor … The look, feel and overall atmosphere of the workspace! Stacy did an excellent job with the artwork, the colors, the layout, etc. Yep, the COLORS ….. I luuuuvvv all the colors. Y’all know I love COLORS! (lol) I think I was naturally drawn in by the COLORS and decor because part of what I do as a coach has to do with visual branding with people and building wardrobes that strategically incorporate COLOR.

What is something that you gained from working at the Yard that you didn’t expect?

The camaraderie and connections of other business owners, the totally dog-friendly environment, and most of all the ability to walk a few steps down the hall to use Deep Fried Studio’s podcasting room! Johnny helps me tremendously with my setup for my webinars and the convenience definitely makes it a win-win!

How has container yard supported you in reaching your career goals?

I’ve learned some great tips from several other business owners at the CY! From marketing funnels, MailChimp strategies, podcast lighting, to video editing and much more I’m sure I can’t recall. YES, the Yardies have certainly helped me level up!

We love having you here at the Yard, KL!


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