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Meet Jillian Lami! How the Yard Helps Her Stay Focused

Meet Jillian Lami!

She is a student at the University of South Alabama and is also interning for Wellborn Strategies, a marketing agency that calls Container Yard home. As an intern at Wellborn Strategies, she creates and manages content for clients, assists with events, and helps with anything else that is needed to assist the clients with their brand image.

Leading up to working at Container Yard, she had just returned from spending a summer in Wyoming. During the following fall semester, she began to consider what she wanted to do next in order to assist her career wise. She had met Stacy Wellborn, our Yard Boss and President of Wellborn Strategies, earlier that year when she attended a resume building workshop at Container Yard.

She loved the concept of the Yard and thought it would be a cool place to work which led her to reach out to Stacy. She loved the vibrancy of the Yard and thought it was a cool, modern concept for a workplace that she had not previously experienced in Mobile, AL. Being a student and living at home, it's really hard for her to stay focused at home. She explained that,

"Working at Container Yard is the perfect balance for me between a strict workplace and working from home."

It's open and spacious which allows for someone to have conversations and network with others more naturally and easily. Something that surprised her was the fact that she had not expected to become so plugged into the community at the Yard. She appreciates how inviting people are here. From the happy hours to just running into people in the cafe area, there is always someone to strike up a conversation with.

Jillian plans to graduate from the University of South Alabama this December with a degree in Strategic Communication. We love having you as Yardie and we can't wait to see where life takes you, Jill!


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