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Celebrate Black Business Month!

In honor of Black Business Month, we wanted to highlight some Black business owners who call Container Yard home. Their businesses range from image consulting to water rentals. Keep reading to learn more!

KL Moore, MBA, Owner and Founder KL Image Group

No matter if you’re a rising star or a shining star, KL Moore, MBA helps women, diverse talent and emerging leaders transition to the next level. As a former electrical engineer in the manufacturing and agricultural biotech industry, KL was taught to “go to school, get a good job, work really hard and surely you will be promoted”. Life’s experiences taught her otherwise. Although working smart and going above and beyond were essential to success, she learned there were other non-technical skills required to navigate the unwritten rules of Corporate America.

Now, as a professional development coach and speaker, KL is passionate about feeding the C-Suite pipeline with women and diverse leaders who are equipped for success. Known for addressing elephant-in-the-room topics that others avoid, KL inspires her clients to lead with confidence in any situation!

For more information:

(888) 600-9048

Christopher Ray Coleman, Fuckup Nights Mobile

Fuckup Nights Mobile is a speaker series and community that provides a safe space for professionals to share their stories of failure. Each speaker has 10 minutes to go through 10 slides followed by taking a couple of questions from the audience. The stories of the business that crashes and burns, the partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, we tell them all.

The event/community is for young professionals, start-up entrepreneurs, and creatives who are dissatisfied with traditional speaking engagements and intimidating networking. This is a new refreshing approach to the monotonous speaking/networking event model that provides transparent stories/lessons, strong connections, and of course a FUN in real-life experience. And unlike chamber events that are stuck up in nature, this is authentic, community-based, and edgy.

You can learn more about Fuckup Nights Mobile and their upcoming events by going to

Koko Foster, Green Balance Accounting

Koko Foster, owner of Green Balance Accounting brings over 16 years of experience as a corporate accountant. She is a numbers enthusiast that has created a one-stop shop that focuses on helping female entrepreneurs gain financial clarity and confidence. That means we're not just here to do all the things for you- we're also here to teach you and empower you along the way. We believe so strongly that accounting is more than just numbers and compliance. It’s also goal setting, planning, and strategizing. That’s why we designed our services in a way that will cater to your individual goals, your business needs, and your dreams in addition to managing the bookkeeping, payroll, entity formation, tax planning, and tax preparation.

"Our knowledge is your knowledge! Whether you're feeling excited or scared or relieved, it's okay, we're here to accept you with open arms!"

For more information about Green Balance Accounting visit: IG:


Ryan Foster, Gulf Coast Water Rentals

According to Ryan, "being born and raised in the Mobile area, I was fortunate to spend my weekends and summers with my family on Mon Louis Island. In my family, things like catching red fish, speckled trout, swinging from the rope at the swimming hole, learning to eat crawfish, and popping out on a kneeboard are all rites of passage.

Boating and fishing the surrounding waters with my grandfather gave me a passion and appreciation for this amazing resource that we share and protect. We enjoy being on the water with our children and thank God for the opportunity to pass on these experiences, watch their passions grow, and instill the same appreciation that was instilled in me."

Gulf Coast Water Rentals goal is to provide a safe, fair-priced, fun-filled adventure that keeps you coming back to see them. Take an unforgettable ride on one of their brand new SeaDoo Jet Skis. They offer the latest equipment and cater to riders of all skill levels.

"Let us share our passion with you. Whether you’re pursuing a relaxing family day on the water or a fast-paced adrenaline-fueled ride, Gulf Coast Water Rentals is the place to be this season!"

To learn more about Gulf Coast Water Rentals visit:



Shayla Barnes-Holloway, The Buttercreamery Sweets Boutique

Shayla is the owner and lead cake artist of The Buttercreamery