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Meet Yardie Jessica Grieves!

Originally from the Capital District area of New York, Yardie Jessica Grieves, recently sat down with us to tell us where all she has been over the years, as well as, what she is up to in 2020! Check it out:

Chasing the perfect job, and finding the perfect home.

After growing up around Albany, and Jessica graduated from college, she made her way through Baltimore, North Virginia, Seattle and Houston as her husband Jay chased the perfect job. After finding exactly what he was looking for (as a consultant on re-platforming software using modern techniques, as well as, building niche software systems) and was able to work from home, Jessica and Jay began searching for a place to finally settle in with their son Sebastian (14) and daughter Abigail (13). Lucky for us, Fairhope, Alabama fit their picture perfectly! With lots of extended family nearby and plenty to see, Jessica and Jay decided it was the perfect place to raise a family!

Making waves in 2020.

For many years, Jessica has worked in corporate America, but earlier this year she left her corporate job and as of February 1st, Jessica officially began growing her business Ecor Rouge working as a freelancer on a variety of projects. Despite this big change within only the first quarter of the year, Jessica is filled with excitement as she helps business owners and leaders focus on and their businesses and effectively communicate their ideas. Jessica will certainly be making waves helping clients build software demonstrations and training videos, draft email blasts, set up websites, and manage social media. With her son attaining his driver’s permit soon there is a lot of excitement in store for the Grieves family this year!

Water cooler talk and best friends.

After working from home or in a private workspace for most of the last 10+ years, Jessica missed having “co-workers” she could visit with throughout the day for water cooler talk, as well as, hearing about what other interesting projects people are working on. Jessica was searching for someplace inspiring to spend the majority of her week, and Container Yard turned out to be the perfect answer.

Jessica had just moved out of a private office in Fairhope that wasn’t a good fit and back to her home office. Knowing that she was more productive not working from home full-time she began searching and found Container Yard! Although the Yard was in the process of moving to our new location and still under construction during Jessica’s tour, it was love at first sight! More than that, Jessica felt right at home with Yard Boss Stacy Wellborn and Community Manager Holly – almost “like they had been friends forever.”

Thieving Raccoons and Real Housewives.

When Jessica isn’t working, you may find her taking pictures at her son’s lacrosse games or hiking. In fact, Jessica hopes to someday hike the Appalachian Trail, as long as a raccoon doesn’t steal her hiking boots again.

Aside from the outdoors, Jessica also enjoys indulging in T.V. shows such as All or Nothing with the Philadelphia Eagles and Last Chance U. From time-to-time you may even catch her watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Real Housewives of New York.

We are so excited to have this amazing business owner and all around fun person as a part of our Yard Family. If you want to learn more about Jessica and what she has to offer at Ecor Rouge, check out her blog, social, and LinkedIn! Cheers to 2020 and all of the big things headed your way Jessica!

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