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Podcasts at the Yard

Podcasting has truly become a phenomena since its humble beginnings in early 2004, so much so that it now has its own international holiday. Podcasting is not limited to a certain age group or topic. There are teenagers who find their thrill driving around listening to crime series podcasts, entrepreneurs who start off their morning with words of wisdom from other successful business owners, and even doctors who learn from their colleagues through these audio shows.

With a growing market and success, it was a no brainer that Container Yard wanted to be a part of the "podcast movement." In fact, Container Yard's beginning was inspired by co-owner, Johnny Gwin and his new ventures as a podcast producer. Johnny, needed a space to build Deep Fried Studios and he knew it could not be his home. As Johnny searched for something both professional and creative in nature, the opportunity for Container Yard came along.

After three years of building his business, Deep Fried Studios produces over ten podcasts, involving anything from fishing to business to medicine. Having Deep Fried Studios here at the Yard makes innovation and collaboration a daily and easy task. Every member of Container Yard is inspired by the creative leaders who visit the Yard to record with Deep Fried.

Check out the full list of Deep Fried's podcasts here or click on an image below to start listening!

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