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Container Yard Wins 2019 Coworker Members' Choice Award

The Coworker Members’ Choice Awards are global awards, awarded to coworking spaces by based on feedback from the members and visitors of these spaces around the world.

This year 529 coworking spaces out of a network of 11,500 were recognized as being the best spaces in their respective cities, and Container Yard was recognized as the best coworking space in Mobile, Alabama!

We are so excited and humbled to be recognized as Mobile's preferred coworking space. This award simply confirms the hard work that our members put into becoming more than just coworkers, but to become a Yard family! We know that our success isn't solely found in our space's design or amenities, although free parking in Downtown Mobile is pretty awesome, our success derives from each of our members committing to our values of being more than just square footage and desk size. Committing to the belief that we are a family that operates on the shared values of transparency, respect, and inclusivity, all of which help us to create, collaborate, and co-work.

Thank you to all of our members and community partners for committing to us, as well as for celebrating this huge win with us!

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