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Meet Karrie Quirin and Larissa Graham of SCA!

What are your three favorite things to do outside of work?

“I like to garden, volunteer, and overall, just be outside.” – Larissa

“I like to walk my dog (Rudder), binge watch Netflix, and kayak.” – Karrie

Tell us about SCA and Gulfcorps. How can we get students and young adults involved?

“Student Conservation Association, or SCA, has been around for 60 years. Our motto is to “build the next generation of conservation leaders.” We employ young adults in hands-on service projects to better the world around them. A lot of the work we do on the Gulf coast involves restoring habitats to their natural state, rebuilding boardwalks, and clearing hiking trails. For example, our crews have removed non-native apple snails from Langan Park and repaired the boardwalk at Meaher State Park on the causeway.” – Larissa

“GulfCorps is a program which hires young adults to help restore habitats along the Gulf coast. SCA manages the GulfCorps crews in Alabama, working with local partners. Last season, I was a crew leader for SCA. It’s a neat thing to get involved with because you get training and field experience. The money that helps fund Gulfcorps comes from the RESTORE Act from the BP oil spill and, through our program, we’re investing in the next generation. We currently have two conservation crews in Mobile, AL. We are looking to staff them with people ages 18 and up from September 2019 to June 2020.” – Karrie

How would you describe your coworking experience as a two person team?

“The energy at the Container Yard is great. There is such a wide range of members here, all doing different things. You get to meet people outside of your professional circles.” – Larissa

“I like being able to bring Rudder (my dog) to work. I also like being able to work so closely with Larissa. We get to know each other on both a professional and personal level.” – Karrie

What is the one thing we can do every day to stay environmentally friendly here at the Container Yard?

“We have posters around the office with Recycling Do’s and Don’ts that tell everyone what they can and cannot recycle. I would also love to start composting coffee grounds and put recycling bins by the bathroom and printer.” – Karrie

To learn more about SCA and their local programs, visit

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