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Meet our new Community Manager, Mark Snyder!

Container Yard is proud to announce an addition to our team, meet our new Community Manager Mark Snyder.

Mark recently graduated from Spring Hill College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Management and is excited to come back to begin his new role as Community Manager for Container Yard, as well as the new Marketing Coordinator for Wellborn Strategies.

Mark first came to the Container Yard in the fall of 2018 after his professor and mentor, Nicole Larriviere, sent him an email about an internship position at Wellborn Strategies. He did not know what to expect, but after his first day at the Container Yard and working with Stacy at Wellborn Strategies, he just couldn't seem to say goodbye.

All happy stories come to an end... or do they? Mark did have to say goodbye when he graduated and completed his internship (after passing it on to another Spring Hill College student). As tough as that was, Mark was confident in taking on his new reality with everything he had learned at the Container Yard.

But there was something about being a Yardie that always tugged at his ear. Mark came back periodically for happy hour and even helped move Container Yard into the new space. He kept in touch with Stacy Wellborn, owner and operator of both Container Yard and Wellborn Strategies. Over the course of a few weeks, Mark began to miss the Container Yard more and more and the Container Yard began to miss him right back. After a couple of weeks of discussions, Mark decided to come back to join our team and we could not be more thrilled.

Mark is looking forward to building existing relationships with Yardies and to harboring relationships with new members. But most of all, Mark is excited to help the Container Yard grow and expand, as he believes in our mission, values and what our founders are creating.

Welcome Back and Good Luck, Mark!

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