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Container Yard to Relocate Early 2019

We are excited to announce that Container Yard will be moving to a new home in early 2019! After two years of steady membership growth, Container Yard will nearly triple in space, doubling private offices and meeting space.

We will be moving to the former Red Cross building at the corner of Dauphin and Broad Streets, just a few blocks east of our current location and inside Mobile’s Central Business District.

"We are excited to grow with our members and to become an active participant of the downtown business community,” said Partner Stacy Wellborn.

Based on increased interest in coworking and our lack of space to expand in our current location, we began to search for a new location. Our goal was to be inside the downtown business loop, but a top priority for us was to offer our members access to free parking. We have always loved the Red Cross building, the space to expand, partners in the building and especially the 75+ parking spots. We are looking forward to working with our new neighbors, Bay Gourmet, who will be opening an event space and restaurant/bar.

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