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How One Yard Member Shares the Guide to Ultimate Coastal Living!

For over seven years, David Calametti has been serving the Gulf Coast with beautiful Southern ascetics as the Co-founder of Alabama Coasting Magazine.

By sharing what Mobile and Baldwin County has to offer, Alabama Coasting is one of the region’s best visitor resources.

We caught up with Container Yard Member David Calametti to learn about what he does and his experience working at the Yard.

  1. Tell us about your business.

Alabama Coasting is a destination resource company whose goal is to ensure that visitors to our home have the opportunity to experience the best we have to offer – and to make sure that our marketing partners get noticed by these consumers. My brother and I started the business in 2010. Being born and raised in Mobile, it is very fulfilling to be able to serve as an “unofficial” ambassador for the Alabama Gulf Coast.

  1. What inspires you to do your best work?

Mobile and the Alabama Gulf Coast is a very special place which is often overlooked as a “destination”. I love sharing the stories of our home town.

  1. What opportunities are you most excited about in Mobile right now?

Mobile has always benefited from the talent, perspective, and spirit of our imported community members. I see that manifesting itself in two exciting ways – first, as these new residents embrace the many amenities of this area, they are helping amplify the message that Mobile is a great tourist destination. Secondarily, these transplants are part of a very business sector that is very entrepreneurial in nature – thus helping to legitimize and support that “industry’s” growth.

  1. What drew you to Container Yard?

Stacy and I have a pact – she supports every project that I’m involved with and I do the same for her. Seriously, having a communal workspace with a casual, professional feel is a good fit for the work I do.

  1. What are some of the benefits of co-working?

Networking and collaboration (both formal or informal). Opportunities for professional and personal enrichment.

  1. Do you recommend Container Yard to other businesses?


Alabama Coasting Magazine showcases the best of our wonderful region as well as our favorite places to Dine, Shop, Play and Explore. Come pick up the latest issue of Alabama Coasting at Container Yard!

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