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The Co-Working Culture Shaping Interns

Interns are taking over the Container Yard!

With all the insightful change generated by digital natives, we figured why not hear about their experience working in the real world.

See what they have to say and click on each intern's name to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Kerri: Spring Hill College, Journalism

Mariah: Spring Hill College, Journalism

Sara: Spring Hill College, PR & Advertising

Riley: Spring Hill College, PR & Advertising

Kirsten: University of Mobile, PR & Advertising

Who is your internship with?

Kerri: Container Yard, Communications & Event Planning

Mariah: Smart Home America, Communications

Sara: Wellborn Strategies, Social Media & Content Development

Riley: Container Yard, PR for South Sounds Music Festival

Kirsten: Sabrina Alexander Consulting

What are some great real world experiences you have had at Container Yard?

Mariah: I've learned the importance of research and really getting to know a client. I’ve learned that in order to represent a brand or company, you must first fully understand their message.

Sara: I have had the opportunity to meet and make connections with professionals in the Mobile area. I also have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Yard Talks that CY offers.

Kirsten: I have had the opportunity to observe client meetings and see the research behind each client. I’ve learned how important it is to build relationships with clients in order to know what to offer them.

I have also observed collaboration between our team members, which has been a great experience to see them pulling their specific strengths and resources together to function as one unit to give their clients their best work.

What do you think about co-working?

Kerri: Co-working as a college student is a great way to to learn more about what work culture is the right fit for my postgraduate career. I enjoy the ability to learn about other industries and work in a professional environment without having to stress about conforming to the traditional corporate society.

Mariah: It’s such a wonderful experience. I appreciate working with so many brilliant people and I feel that it pushes me to a higher standard.

Sara:There is a very relaxed however, professional vibe that comes with Container Yard. Co-working gives us interns the opportunity to meet people and make professional connections for the future.

While all of our interns are studying Communications at a local higher education institution, they have all a different focus. Most importantly, they have all experienced the culture of co-working from a different perspective.

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