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Creating Masterpieces at the Container Yard

Holidays are never really a break for local art teacher and CY member, Monica Beasley.

Over Thanksgiving, Monica traveled to Paris to visit world-renowned art museums and explore works of her favorite artists. During winter break, Monica signed-up for a membership at the Container Yard where she works on art projects inspired by her French excursions.

By day, Monica is an art teacher at a local elementary school. Working at a school that specializes in Fine Arts, Monica attributes her time to the students when she is on the clock. By night, you can find Monica at Container Yard working on her latest collection of work.

As a resident of the Oakleigh neighborhood, Monica finds comfort in knowing that she is able to have her workspace separate from her home space.

It seems as though the winter break was not much of a "break" at all for Monica.

As Monica prepares for her upcoming art showcase at Optera Creative, her break was a chance to focus on her craft. As a collage artist, Monica’s mixed media art is filled with metallics, glitter and things to catch the eye. Monica said that the majority of her work usually shares the common objective of “love and lots of flowers.”

When asked why she chose Container Yard, Monica enjoys the fact that it is in walking distance from her home and the twenty-four-hour access in case of a creative emergency boost. She likes that it is not about signed contracts, but more of a month to month subscription. Monica said that “It’s a safe place where anyone can come and work” and she especially recommends it to other artists.

This summer, Monica will join our other member artists in an art show at the Yard... stay tuned!

See more of Monica's work at

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