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Executive by Day and Artist by Night

Working where you love and loving where you work is a key concept here at the Container Yard.

Meet our newest Container Yard member, Josh Ashley.

Josh has lived a double life for years, as an office designer and a sculptor. Recently, when Josh took a new position as an Account Executive for Office Environments, the new opportunity quickly took over the space in his basement that was reserved for art making. Without a local office, Josh had to push aside his artwork and tools to make room for his new work space.

Realizing the situation was “squashing” his creativity, Josh decided to do something about it.

Having seen Facebook buzz around the opening of Container Yard, Josh figured that he could have the best of both worlds, so he decided to visit.

After popping to see Container Yard, Josh decided he wanted an office after only being in the space for a few minutes. As an Account Executive for Office Environments, a Birmingham-based commercial furniture dealership, aesthetics are important to Josh. He was drawn to the look of Container Yard and liked the balance of “edgy and contemporary.”

Josh has found a work home at Container, saying “I enjoy having a place to work with the same amenities as a corporate office but with modern, clean design and a cool ambience, plus it is great for networking."

Now, Josh has a productive work space by day and has regained use of his creative space at home.

You'll see evidence of Josh at Container Yard - just look for the cool chairs around the space. He might even let you sit in one!

You can also see Josh in action this Thursday, September 15th at 6pm at the Mobile Art’s Council ART Works - The Throwdown 5 at Alabama Contemporary Art Center. Tickets are available online.

Learn more about Josh’s artwork at or see it locally at Gallery 450 or Room 1927 at the Saenger.

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