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Meet Beth Walton, Salty Seafood Girl

As a wandering business owner, Beth Walton calls the Container Yard her home away from the farm.

The Wandering Oyster was established by two local couples Bill and Beth Walton and Troy and Camellah Parnell. As a former oyster farmer herself, Beth and her partners decided to build their company based on what she loves and how she can share that love with others in Alabama.

What better than having oysters on demand? The Wandering Oyster offers a fine dining experience with the best oysters at any location chosen by you. Check out how this premium, catered oyster raw bar serving Coastal Alabama.

As the social media planner and marketing advisor for The Wandering Oyster, Beth wanted a special place to work that wouldn’t make her feel salty like the oysters she promotes. She enjoys working at the Container Yard with the “vibes of other folks” in a “very positive upbeat workspace.”

Beth was drawn to the Container Yard because of its “open feeling.” She also says that because of the open space, she has lots of mobility and “during the time [she’s] there [she] can get up and move around while working.”

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