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Yardie Highlight - Meet Annie!

Annie Peters joined the Container Yard in February 2019, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of her being here!

Annie grew up right here in Mobile, Alabama with the dreams of being a fashion designer throughout childhood. She even has the old sketchbooks if any blooming local designers want to collaborate with her ;). With the hope of being a fashion designer in her back pocket, Annie moved to Tuscaloosa to attend the University of Alabama where she found her love for the Marketing industry.

She now works for Enilon, a market agency based out of Dallas, where she is a Senior Media Strategist and loves helping her clients grow their business and really feel the impact of her work on their bottom line. Enilon’s clients range from large energy and oil companies with thousands of employees to a small rodeo gear company with less than 20 employees. Being able to help small businesses is close to Annie’s heart as she comes from a family of small business owners.

While living in Mobile and working for a company based in Dallas I’m sure has it’s hard times, Annie has made herself right at home here at the Container Yard. When asked what drew her to Container Yard she said “everyone was very friendly and inviting. I also loved that so many of the members had their own businesses and or were starting their own businesses - very inspiring and great resources!”

This may be a feature on Annie…. we couldn’t help but highlight her coworker, Boss. Boss comes to the Yard with Annie and LOVES all of the pets. We can always count on a tailwag and a hello from him when needed. If you haven’t figured out by now, Boss is Annie’s dog that she rescued! The name “Boss” makes him sound like a big tough guy, but he’s actually just the boss of the house - which they quickly found out shortly after rescuing him and decided to keep his shelter given name!

This past year has given all of us more time on our hands than we know what to do. Annie has taken this opportunity to spend more time in her garden, slowly turning her black thumb back into a green thumb! When she’s not busy working, snuggling her pup, or working in her garden, you can find Annie entertaining dinner guests with her husband, jogging about town or getting her Shavasana on.

Be sure to swing by and say hey to Annie when she’s in and give Boss some pets!


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