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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Celebrate Hispanic-owned Businesses

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15th through October 15th! To celebrate, we want to recognize our Yardies who are Hispanic business owners. Keep reading to learn more about them and what they do.

Romina & Katte, Full Services to Immigrants

Yardies Romina and Katte are interpreters who work with immigrants in Mobile and Baldwin Counties who need legal and/or medical assistance. Their business, Full Service to Immigrants, has been serving the immigrant population in the United States since 2009.

The services they provide to the community includes:

• Translations of documents Legal and Medical from English to Spanish and vice versa. (English to Portuguese and vice versa)

• Interpretation in the Courthouse Municipal, District, Circuit, in/or (in-person, over the phone, zoom)

• Depositions, Meetings, Contracts

• Power of Attorney (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

• Finding the right lawyer for any legal case

• Interpretation in person for any Medical case

• ITIN Number (applying with the IRS)

To learn more about Full Services to Immigrants, go to

Contact information:

(251) 979-5475

Marlen Romero, Primerica

Yardie Marlen Romero has been with Primerica since 2012. She works as a financial consultant providing services such as:

  • Investment accounts

  • Mortgage loans

  • Debt elimination

  • Health insurance

  • Financial analysis

  • Income protection

  • Business opportunity

  • Legal coverage & will

  • Retirement & education plans

  • Personal & commercial coverage

For more information visit:

Contact information:

+1 770-356-1756

We are so happy that these businesses call the Yard their home!


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