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Meet Yardie Debbie Clolinger!

Yard member Debbie Clolinger has been around the Yard for a few months now and recently we were able to hear about her experience leading up to joining our Yard family. Check it out!

Making Mobile her Home.

Growing up Debbie’s father served as an officer and pilot in the United States Marine Corps which provided Debbie the opportunity to live in North Carolina, Virginia and California before ultimately making the Mobile area her home.

After settling down on the Gulf Coast Debbie built a family with her daughter, Christine, who now serves as a brilliant attorney in our city of six flags.

A True Lady Boss.

After pursuing and achieving a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Marketing, Debbie also attained an M.Ed in Educational Leadership and Supervision allowing her to celebrate a rewarding career in both public relations and marketing, as well as in education and training.

In 2019 the company Debbie previously worked for dissolved her position which she says was not only a blessing, but an opportunity to pursue what she is most passionate about - training, education, and creative writing. Debbie just finished leading an interview skills course for a conservation organization, and has a current contract as a social media content writer for a local marketing firm leaving her with the thought that “Life is good right now. Very good.”

Introverts Need Socialization and Networking Too.

Before joining the Yard family Debbie had been working out of her home office for several months, making her a quarantine pro once the COVID-19 pandemic arose. Although Debbie identifies as an introvert, she believes even introverts need socialization and networking to meet others, bounce around ideas and ultimately make connections. It was this aspect of professional socialization that led her to join Container Yard.

Debbie is a member of the local chapter of the Public Relations Council of Alabama, who hosted their Christmas party at Container Yard which was Debbie’s first time in the space. After being blown away by what she saw and spending the evening talking to the Yard Boss, Stacy Wellborn, Debbie officially joined the Yard family the next day! Joining Container Yard is the “best business decision that I ever made!” she says.

Experienced in Social Distancing.

Finding her passion for biking and kayaking Debbie was, fortunately, more than prepared for proper social distancing etiquette. The beauty of the delta, marshes, rivers, canals and quiet inlets combined with the ability to distance oneself from technology and noise recharges and inspires her.

Aside from cruising Mobile and Baldwin County searching for kayak adventures you may also find Debbie in the kitchen during her free time. Debbie says set her in a kitchen with fresh produce, spices, pasta or grains and a glass of wine and she will create a fabulous meal in minutes! Sticking to a Mediterranean diet, with lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, herbs, spices, seafood, and olive oils it is highly likely you will catch her at the Cathedral Square Market any Saturday they’re open! Oh, and Debbie has been sure to share some of her signature dishes with her Yard family, allowing us to contest the fact she can create savory masterpieces.

We are certainly lucky to have such a fun, driven and COMPLETE lady boss as a part of our Yard family! Plus she enjoys sharing her delicious cooking.

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