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A Letter From Summer Intern, Emma Pitts

Dear Container Yard,

What an amazing summer we had together! Thank you so much for all the life lessons you gave me, even the hard ones. From these three months we spent together, I learned so much about what it means to be a professional and what it means to be who I am as a person. You have taught me how to love myself and the work I do. You have taught me that I am important. You feel like home to me and to everyone that works here.

To my fellow Yardies, thank you for taking me in with open arms. You have all been so kind to me and I could not think of a better support system on my bad days and a better group to laugh with on the best days. From day to day work to fun lunches in the café, you have all played an incredibly important role in my life and I will be forever thankful for the friendships I have formed here.

To the Yardie Doggies, your waggy tails will not be forgotten! Thank you for making my day a thousand times brighter. You help make work feel like home and I will miss you all! Keep your barks strong and your hearts (and fur) soft!

To Yard Boss Stacy Wellborn, thank you so much for all that you have done for me. You have taught me more about how to be a hard-worker, how to enjoy the work I do, and most importantly, how to love the work I produce. You have helped me grow stronger and more confident personally and professionally. I cannot thank you enough for your mentorship. You have made a huge impact on my life and I will never forget our times here together!

So, Container Yard, I bid you adieu. I know you will continue to thrive and persevere through sunshine and rain. Thank you for everything. #onceaYardiealwaysaYardie


Your Summer 2019 Intern, Emma Pitts

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